Wednesday, February 27, 2013

here we go!

goodness exists everywhere.  kindness.  inspiration.  gratitude.  love.

each and everyday, it happens.

it's all around us.

but it's so easy to miss it.

and i don't want to.

i want to surround myself with it.  i want my children to see it.  i want to notice it as much as i possibly can.  and i want to spread it.

here, starting march 1, i hope to post one thing a day.  a news article, a video, a picture, a quote... anything that is uplifting and inspiring.   if you come across something you think would bring a smile to someone's face, send it to me.  if you take a picture that warms your heart, send it to me.  a quote that inspires you?  that's right, send it to me.   let's find the goodness together.

come visit everyday, or sign up for the newsletter...

and fill up your soul.