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climate change and children

Currently, in California, we are in the middle of fire season.  Wildfires are raging, the air quality is bad, and more hot weather is in the forecast.  It feels irresponsible not to talk with children about how our actions can affect our environment, and the role we play in protecting our earth and its climate.  

How do we address the effects of climate change with children?  It can be such an overwhelming (and depressing!) topic.  As with most things, it's important to stress the idea that we can all make change.  We can all make an impact.  With each of us comes power.  Whether that power comes in voting, speaking up for someone, doing something kind, or choosing paper over plastic, we can all make a difference.   Knowing that there are ways to take action, allows us all to be a part of the solution.  

So where do we begin?  Start by learning a little about climate change.



What is Climate Change?

Kids Against Climate Change

After learning a little, moving on to how we can help is a great next step, and can empower our children to notice ways they can make a difference.

NASA Climate Kids

Climate Reality Project

Think Earth provides environmental education curriculum for grades K-5 that help young people think about the earth and create habits that can improve and sustain a healthy environment.

We can often feel powerless, especially with such huge issues like climate change. Seeing people in action, like Greta Thunberg, can help children see that people, including children, CAN make a difference.  Do some research on her, and let her be an inspiration!

TIME person of the year

NatGeo Kids Greta Thunberg facts

Teaching Kids News

And finally, the simple step of changing your browser to Ecosia, can help plant more trees!  Who knew that just by doing a simple internet search, you can help save our planet?

For local Californians, or anyone who wants to support those in need during the wildfire season, consider donating to these organizations: 

Meals of Gratitude

Red Cross

Let's all be a part of the solution!

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