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meditation with children

We've all been thrown into quite a state of the world these past few months.  It's a lot to manage and a lot to process.  

And while supporting the children around us is always a challenging journey, right now, it's even more challenging.

Meditation and mindfulness are invaluable tools for us, and for children, in times of stress, and in everyday life.  Without proper guidance, though, I have found it difficult to make progress in understanding meditation and in deepening the practice.

Mindful Families has created a beautiful and informative resource, called Sitting Together.  It consists of three books: the adult guide, the children's guide, and the activity book.  They are simple lessons, with a meditation prompts, discussion activities, and projects to further develop the concepts covered.  The lessons are geared towards younger children, maybe up to age 10, however they are easily adjusted to make them perfect for older children, as well.  And paired with the adult practice, they cover just about any age. 

Prior to using Sitting Together, we were trying random meditation and mindfulness practices.  While they felt grounding and calming, I never felt like I knew where we were going with the practice.  I didn't feel like I was learning anything about the actual practice, the history of it, or furthering my understanding of the benefits and how to apply it outside of the time spent actually meditating.  These guides have helped do exactly that. 

After we complete all of the lessons, I can see repeating them to continue to build those muscles and to help integrate meditation not just into our daily routine, but into our daily choices.

See more at Mindful Families here.

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