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global village school guides

Personalized, holistic, inspiring education. For the children, the planet, and future generations.

Those are the words you see at the top of the K-8 curriculum page for Global Village School. Sounds pretty inviting to me!

Global Village School offers curriculum guides for grades K-8 to use at home. (They also offer High School guides and enrollment options, but due to the impact of COVID-19, are not right now.) These guides are aimed at families who do not want daily lessons planned out for them, but would rather a resource to use as a guide. Families and teachers can use them as a jumping off point allowing for learning that works best for the child in their studies of self-knowledge, social justice, and global citizenship.

These guides are full of excellent literature suggestions, from picture books to chapter books to text books. They cover various cultural celebrations, important historical events, explorations of diversity, and more. Websites and movie suggestions are also included, supporting a wide variety of learning styles. Some of my favorite books are the ones that tell stories from the perspective of a child: the way a day is spent in, how an experience felt, what it's like for that child in their culture.

Global Village School reinforces the importance of creating community and connection in education and at home. And what a better time than now to focus on just that!

(P.S. Next week will be a post from a guest! So excited!!! Be sure to sign up for notifications so you don't miss it!)

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