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learning about the right to vote

As election day gets closer, in addition to voting, it's our responsibility to prepare the next generation for when it's their turn to vote.

The past has provided us with so much to learn from, and I know I still have so much more learning to go. With knowledge of the past, we can learn from our mistakes. We can right the wrongs, and show our children the strength in their voices and choices. As I gather resources to share, it's clear to me how much was left out when I was in school. While it's upsetting to know their are so many gaps in my learning, I am grateful for those who are now creating these lessons, books, articles, and lists.

For younger learners: 

A Kids' Book About Voting

Finish the Fight (this site also lists a great activity to go along with the book!)

Equality's Call: The Story of Voting Rights in America

For older learners (12 & up)

Women's Suffrage at Teaching Tolerance

The Struggle for Voting Rights at Zinn Education

Voting Rights at Civil Rights Teaching

To Vote or Not to Vote lesson plan at PBS

The Voting Rights Act at Teaching Tolerance

Books for all ages:

I hope we communicate to our children the importance of their voice, and the power to use it when change is needed. We have a lot of work ahead of us!

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